Aplenzin generic

Aplenzin is an anti-depressant drug owned by Bausch. The drug, which comes in extended release tablets for oral delivery, contains bupropion hydrobromide as the active ingredient. It was first authorized for market use on 23 April, 2008. Aplenzin has a total of 8 drug patents, all of which are still valid. The generic variants are expected to release after 27 June, 2026.

When will Aplenzin generic be available?

The earliest possible date for the release of Aplenzin generics is 27 June, 2026. This is based on the expiration date of the last valid drug patent. However, the actual release of generic versions will likely be determined through a Para IV filing. Therefore, while this prediction is accurate based on current data, market availability might be affected by various factors such as litigation and manufacturer commitments.

Aplenzin uses

Aplenzin is primarily used in the treatment of major depressive disorder. The active ingredient, bupropion hydrobromide, works by inhibiting the reuptake of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine; an action which helps prolong the mood-lightening effect of any released neurotransmitters. The drug should be dosed at intervals of 24 hours.

Aplenzin patent expiration

Aplenzin has 8 existing patents with none expired so far. The last of these patents, titled 'Modified release formulations of a bupropion salt', is due to expire on 27 June, 2026, which is the earliest possible release date for Aplenzin generic. Below are the details of the patent:

Aplenzin dosage

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